Customized Professional Financial Services

Professional financial services have advanced through the years. Today, customization is demanded everywhere, from fast food to phone plans, and in wealth management areas also. There is no typical investment portfolio that fits every individual. Investors today want something different than they may have invested in five or ten years ago.

Professional Financial ServicesIn order to customize a financial plan, there are many factors to consider, such as evaluating the professional financial services based on your future goals, time of implementation, and degree of comfort within the market.

Wealth management examines many aspects of your financial life and structures opportunities to strive to keep in line with your vision as well as your changing needs.

While our total wealth management philosophy is customized to meet various financial needs, there are incremental financial services that comprise a wealth plan. These services contribute to the overall financial strategy, and we assist our clients in aligning these so there is a better chance of reaching financial goals.

Some of our Professional Financial Services that we Provide or Coordinate:

Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning SuccessA strategic wealth planning process takes into consideration the multiple aspects necessary for building financial independence as well as the daily life policies and programs that could affect that financial growth. Wealth planning usually involves a team of experts who coordinate the ideal implementation steps for ongoing changing goals and vision.

Retirement Planning

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. While grandpa may have been satisfied with a gold watch and a solid pension plan, that often doesn’t exist today. Retirement planning requires the ability to coordinate the various sources of retirement income, with the goal being to create a reliable stream of income that will last as long as needed.

Tax Planning

Year-end tax planning involves understanding the current tax situation and recommending a number of strategies that strive to lower the tax risk to lower the tax risk or potentially increase the tax savings.

Investment Saving for Education PlanningEstate Planning

Estate planning is important for many types of investors, because it provides a method for determining how to distribute property during life and upon death. It outlines a master implementation plan according to specific goals and objectives that are determined during a professional financial evaluation.

Education Planning

College and higher education costs are escalating, and its critical to plan ahead in order to cover those increases. Knowing the different options available for education planning could make a difference in the ability to fund college in the future for children or grandchildren.

Business Succession Planning

A business succession plan is one of the most important tools an owner can have in determining the future of the business. Each situation is different in the business environment. However, the key is to pick the best succession plan based on desired objectives, and to seek help from financial and legal advisers to carry out this plan.

How we Deliver These Services to You

Financial Snapshot

After we gather your financial data, we present it in a one-page chart format that makes it easy for you to see the big picture and visualize how it all goes together.

Risk Tolerance Analysis

Asset and Money ManagementWe take the time to understand how you feel about the ups and downs of the market. This helps us design an investment strategy you can live with.

Portfolio Rebalancing

We systematically sell off assets when their price is high and use the proceeds to buy other lower priced assets. This process reestablishes the intended balance of your portfolio.

Tax & Cost Basis Reporting

We help you keep track of the original cost of your investment so that you can accurately report gains and losses at tax time.

Client Progress Reports

At pre-determined times, we hive you a simple summary of your assets to show you the progress you are making toward the goals you have set for each account.

Asset and Money Management

We monitor your accounts to evaluate continued suitability, and also to determine if their performance is still serving your goals.

The Risk Analysis

  • Review all of your insurance coverages each year end
  • Recommend the right kinds & amounts of insurance
  • Be sure there are no “coverage gaps” which might endanger the financial plan
  • See what, if anything, can be done to reduce premiums

Estate Flow Chart

This is an easy-to-understand chart that shows you what will happen to your estate at the end of your life.

Financial GoalsFinancial Projection

Every year we complete a thorough update of your written comprehensive lifetime financial plan.

The Goals Action Plan

First of all, we help you identify what you want to accomplish with your money. Then we establish a specific funding plan for each goal, and contact you proactively at pre-determined times to discuss the strategy and progress of each of your goals.

The Success Strategy

We develop a simple list of action steps required to increase the probability that you will stay on track with your financial plan over the years.

Distribution Strategies

Distribution strategies are different for each individual, based on unique needs and timing. We help you understand the correct timeframe and methods to make this happen.

Cash Reserves and Debt Management

We will work with you to develop a plan to establish adequate cash reserves to help handle life expenses. Depending on your situation, this may involve a debt elimination plan. We would also consult with you any time you are considering major purchases.

Education Planning

There are many ways to save for college. We help you figure out which methods make the most sense in your situation.

Income Tax Projection Before Year-End

During the last two months of each year, we can coordinate with your tax professional to look for opportunities to potentially reduce taxes or increase other savings.

Income Tax Review and On-time Filing

We can coordinate with a tax planner to review your tax return each year before it is filed to look for missed opportunities and red flags.

Estate Planning

We will plan a time for you to review your estate plan annually and have you update your estate plan if:

  • Your estate circumstances have changed
  • Your desires about your estate have changed
  • The estate tax laws have significantly changed

Once every five years, we will coordinate with you to have an Estate Planning Attorney review your plan.

Business Planning

Business planning takes a unique approach for each business. It may include such services as: Employer Retirement Plans, Executive Compensation, Business Continuation and Succession Planning.

Our wealth management services take a goals-based approach that involves many aspects of an investor’s life. We customize the professional financial services we offer to help our clients in the pursuit of the unique financial future they envision.