A Personal Financial Advisor Dedicated to Your Future

Our goal is to put the “personal” back into Personal Financial Advisor Services. As a client, you deserve a personal commitment of service; and our goal is to deliver on the communication you expect, the education you desire, and the financial planning that will potentially make a difference for your future.

Professional Financial Advisor Adrian MIDavid Lolley believes that a firm foundation of independent wealth management services should take into account the big picture of your financial future. Whatever your vision and goals are – or if they need to be defined – we strive to present complex topics in a way that is easy to understand.

As your financial management needs grow, we coordinate services with other business experts and private wealth advisors to develop an action plan for your vision. We also review existing plans, policies and procedures to determine if they align with your vision. We hold to a high level of service standards.

People want to make smart choices about their money so that they can strive to accomplish what is most important to them. David Lolley believes that the best approach for investment advice encompasses an understanding of a client’s desired lifestyle and their wishes for leaving a legacy. The wealth management process uses a roadmap that is well defined, systematically managed and monitored so that clients understand and are better positioned to pursue their retirement planning goals.

Our Financial Advising Core Values are Simple but Monumental

Integrity – Honest, ethical investment advice is core for our financial services. You deserve the products and services that are right for your situation.

Investment Knowledge – Successful investors are informed investors. We’ve developed an extensive system to provide a vast knowledge base of information to help you understand your options.

Personal Financial Services – The key element is the word personal. We value you as a client, and believe that you deserve the personal attention that fits your current financial picture. As your wealth grows, advanced financial services are combined into an integrated wealth management process that continues to evolve each year.

Financial Services You Can Trust

David Lolley is an Investment Advisor Representative with Lincoln Financial Securities, offering independent wealth management solutions for your unique situations. As an independent financial advisor, he can research the best options available on the market, without the limitations of specific products or companies.

There are many personal financial advisors around today. Knowing whom to work with is sometimes confusing. Our investment articles help explain how a financial advisor helps his clients.

Located in Southeastern Michigan, David Lolley is the President of Lolley Wealth Management, and also provides professional financial services to clients in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas; however if your state is not on the list, please Contact Us and we can make arrangements to service your needs in your state. The right personal financial advisor can help you design a customized strategic wealth management plan for your future!